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Web Host Comparison by Performance

    CPU Disk MySQL Fsockopen
Web Hosting Provider   Pi Read Write Compile Connect Insert Select Search Update Delete Upstream Downstream
[+] Surftown 2,006 ms 647.1 MBps 9.2 MBps 4.2 MBps 10.90 ms 1,607 rps 146,821 rps 947 rps 424 rps 1,000 rps 42.8 Mbps 35.7 Mbps
[+] DotHost 1,014 ms 91.7 MBps 3.4 MBps 5.0 MBps 1.00 ms 5,273 rps 158,455 rps 4,534 rps 824 rps 3,178 rps 27.0 Mbps 44.5 Mbps
[+] One.com 992 ms 759.3 MBps 17.4 MBps 9.0 MBps 8.70 ms 2,085 rps 223,819 rps 1,282 rps 543 rps 1,618 rps 52.9 Mbps 34.3 Mbps
[+] Gigahost 947 ms 1,094.3 MBps 9.2 MBps 5.4 MBps 2.30 ms 1,921 rps 161,398 rps 1,146 rps 346 rps 1,273 rps 44.5 Mbps 31.8 Mbps
[+] Meebox 657 ms 2,455.0 MBps 10.1 MBps 11.3 MBps 3.00 ms 2,634 rps 286,590 rps 2,137 rps 1,201 rps 2,187 rps 57.0 Mbps 182.4 Mbps
[+] UnoEuro 512 ms 2,725.7 MBps 10.0 MBps 19.2 MBps 0.70 ms 766 rps 323,790 rps 524 rps 366 rps 576 rps 45.5 Mbps 323.0 Mbps
Average   1,021 ms 1,295.5 MBps 9.9 MBps 9.0 MBps 4.43 ms 2,381 rps 216,812 rps 1,762 rps 617 rps 1,639 rps 45.0 Mbps 108.6 Mbps

Operation Measurement Description
- Pi Time elapsed for calulating pi in milliseconds.
- Read Amount of data read per second in MegaBytes.
- Write Amount of data written per second in MegaBytes.
- Compile Amount of data compiled per second in MegaBytes.
- Connect Time elapsed for connecting to MySQL server in milliseconds.
- Insert Number of inserted rows per second.
- Select Number of read rows per second.
- Search Number of read rows per second.
- Update Number of updated rows per second.
- Delete Number of deleted rows per second.
- Upstream Amount of data sent per second in Megabits.
- Downstream Amount of data recceived per second in Megabits.

Evaluation of Web Hosts by Performance Testing

The benchmark data reflects the relative performance of the web hosting servers, rather than variations in geographical locations or local network conditions.

Our testing tool measures the true performance of the web hosts. If someone says they are fast, find out how fast.

It's important that you find the right hosting provider from the beginning. Changing provider is a lengthy process and causes risk of downtime. There are also risks for income drops when customers experience a slow server and choose to close the web browser window.

We think that in terms of a customer coming on board, performance is number one. Some say that you get what you pay for. We want to prove the point that even though a web hosting solution is twice as expensive, it may be twice as slow as well.

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