About Us

We have long experience in getting e-commerce and intranet solutions up and running, and have always wondered why it was so difficult to find a decent web host.

It was the frustrating thing trying to find the right host, that got us to publish this site. To end that frustration, we built webhosting-performance.com.

It's important that everything is right from the beginning when it comes to game hosting, blog with high traffic and regular business web hosting.

The benchmark data reflects the relative performance of the Web servers, rather than variations in geographical locations or local network conditions.

We're a neutral third party, who provide performance monitoring that allows web hosting providers to prove the value of their services to customers.

We objectively verify the performance of web hosting reviews  services.

We think that in terms of a customer coming on board, performance is number one. Because there is no difference between spending 3.95 or 7.95 per month if you have an e-commerce with a much higher turnover.

Web Hosting Reviews by Benchmarking.

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