Benchmark Results

How fast is your web host performing?

Display: Percentage
    CPU Disk MySQL Fsockopen
Web Hosting Provider   Pi Read Write Compile Connect Insert Select Search Update Delete Upstream Downstream
[+] ROHOST 887 ms 1,284.4 MBps 3.7 MBps 9.1 MBps 0.40 ms 14,933 rps 302,593 rps 5,995 rps 933 rps 6,038 rps 129.5 Mbps 98.4 Mbps
[+] Romarg 951 ms 1,261.0 MBps 11.1 MBps 7.6 MBps 4.80 ms 8,737 rps 281,397 rps 2,979 rps 633 rps 3,668 rps 83.1 Mbps 50.7 Mbps
[+] xservers 1,193 ms 799.1 MBps 8.8 MBps 4.1 MBps 1.20 ms 1,567 rps 163,527 rps 1,142 rps 405 rps 1,260 rps 44.5 Mbps 30.7 Mbps
Average   1,010 ms 1,114.8 MBps 7.9 MBps 7.0 MBps 2.13 ms 8,413 rps 249,172 rps 3,372 rps 657 rps 3,655 rps 85.7 Mbps 59.9 Mbps

The benchmark data reflects the relative performance of the web hosting servers, rather than variations in geographical locations or local network conditions.

Our testing tools measures the true performance of the web hosts. If someone claims they are fast, we can find out how fast.

Are you getting the performance and stability you are paying for? We want to prove the point that although a web host is twice as expensive, it can be twice as slow.

How fast is your webhost? Download our satellite and find out! The test is free and available for downloading in our menu. Instructions how to monitor your provider or machine comes with the test results.

Operation Measurement Description
- Pi Time elapsed for calulating pi in milliseconds.
- Read Amount of data read per second in MegaBytes.
- Write Amount of data written per second in MegaBytes.
- Compile Amount of data compiled per second in MegaBytes.
- Connect Time elapsed for connecting to MySQL server in milliseconds.
- Insert Number of inserted rows per second.
- Select Number of read rows per second.
- Search Number of read rows per second.
- Update Number of updated rows per second.
- Delete Number of deleted rows per second.
- Upstream Amount of data sent per second in Megabits.
- Downstream Amount of data recceived per second in Megabits.