Test your host - Download

Are you curious about your web hosting provider's performance? Download our satellite tool to run a performance test.

You need:
- A MySQL database.
- A web space on a PHP machine to upload our satellite into.

Our satellite reports information regarding your provider's performance. By testing several machines world wide we can build up fair statistics.

Do you want to provide with continious data?
You can now add your satellite for monitoring. That means reoccuring tests will be performed. This gives a more accurate result since performance vary from time to time. Instructions how to add the satellite for monitoring follows the test results.

If you run into errors, contact us.

Test your host - Download: whp_satellite_2.0-general.zip

Test your host - Download: whp_satellite_2.0-litecart.zip
Test your host - Download: whp_satellite_2.0-opencart.zip
Test your host - Download: whp_satellite_2.0-oscommerce.zip
Test your host - Download: whp_satellite_2.0-wordpress.zip